I Thought I Knew It All

Before I was married I believed I knew everything about marriage… I mean I actually believed I knew about marriage more than those who were actually in one. I had all sorts of philosophies and ideas. I actually believed that my marriage would be some kind of super nova example for the world to sit back and gaze at in absolute and complete amazement.  THEN I got married and discovered that it took more than and idea of marriage to make it work. I had to unlearn everything I thought I knew to make the marriage successful.

I used to believe I knew everything about raising children… I mean I thought I was the world’s leading expert on the subject.  I would think things like: I would never tell my kids that, or I would never do that in the middle of a plane flight, or I would never ask my kid if they wanted to get a spanking, and I would definitely not count to three. Then I had Ashton and Landon and once again all my philosophies went out the window. I had to unlearn everything I thought I knew to make parenting work.

I used to believe I knew everything about leading a church… I mean I thought I was an expert.  After all, I went to school, and served as an associate for 12 years. Then I became a lead pastor and swiftly realized that philosophies and one-liners from other pastors twitter page wasn’t going to cut it. I had to be willing to unlearn everything I thought I knew to become the leader God wanted me to be.

I’ve been the lead pastor now for three years at Echo Church. The longer I’m in this the more I realize I have no idea what I’m doing. The longer I’m alive the more I realize the philosophies of yesterday don’t necessarily help with the work of today. And I’m ok with that because I would rather set my life course by God’s voice instead of setting it according to a philosophy of yesterday. Be unwilling to unlearn everything you thought you knew to become all that God has designed you to be.

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