Greater Things

Greater Things Campaign 2012
Isn’t God amazing!

One year ago, Echo Church began with 30 people meeting in a living room. Since then, we have settled into our newly remodeled building in Pleasant Hill, where we are averaging 200 in attendance on Sunday mornings. On top of that, we are averaging around 90 at our brand new campus in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We feel truly blessed to be working alongside a group of “pioneers” that say “Yes!” when God calls.

Partnering together to do Greater Things…
Five months ago, we stepped out in faith with a campaign to raise $40,000 in 40 days (to remodel our main campus location.) With our best efforts we were able to raise only half of what was needed. It has been nothing short of a miracle when God provided the means to finish the project, but we are now responsible for payments on 2 loans. Right now, we can afford to make these payments, but it leaves us very little for ministry. We believe, (because we have seen) that God can take even a “little” to do “Greater Things” for His kingdom. Our challenge is for everyone to join in and see what God can do with their extra portion.

What’s in store for this year?
It’s hard to predict the future, but if God’s abundance this past year is any indicator for the years to come, then we are in for a very exciting adventure. Even though it may turn out completely different, our short term plans include various mission projects, 2 incredible VBS programs, improvements at our Hot Springs campus (new chairs & technology), paving the Pleasant Hill back lot for more parking and adding more staff members to our team. To continue the outreach of ministry through Echo Church, we are asking those who have been with us since the beginning, and those who have only joined us in the past few weeks, to give above and beyond their regular tithe for the next 6 months. Will you prayerfully consider your involvement over this short term?

Let’s not stop and think we’ve arrived…
After a year like we’ve just experienced, it’s natural to think that we’ve reached the top of the mountain and that now is the time to relax and enjoy. We can’t forget that our adventure has only just begun and that our joy comes through a constant labor for our Lord. Let’s stay true to who we are. Let’s be a church that is alive and growing. Let’s be a church that continues to press forward and do “Greater Things.”