Grateful Much

Gratefulness starts when entitlement ends.

For us to maintain a high level of gratefulness, we must lower our sense of entitlement.

If we are honest, it’s hard for us to be grateful for those things we feel entitled to. And truthfully, we’re not entitled to anything.

Think about it:
-You made it through another day yesterday. Someone else didn’t. They thought they would, but they didn’t.
-You received a raise at work yesterday. Someone else is still hoping to find a job.
-Your kids have been very disrespectful lately.  Some wish they still had their kids with them.
-You don’t like the dinner your wife prepared. Some would be grateful for the food you throw away and the wife you don’t appreciate.

I was reminded today, as a Christian, anything other than hell is God’s miraculous, amazing, and abundant grace. We’re not entitled to our salvation. It’s a gift, and it demands a grateful response.