God Just Lit My Cigarette

I was in Wendy’s eating a bacon cheese burger when I saw a homeless man walk up and lean against the window outside the building. He began digging around in his pocket and pulled out a tissue that was neatly folded into a perfect square. As he pealed back the edges I noticed an occasional shimmer dance across the edge of his dirty jacket tattered by the weather. It had me wondering what could possibly be inside. He pulled the object out and placed it in his palm. Reaching in again he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. There he stood with the lens of a magnifying glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

He positioned the magnifying glass in just the right relation to the sun and lit his cigarette. I looked over to my friend and said “Did you see that? God just lit his cigarette.”

We do this. God makes us crafty problem solvers and we use that gift to become a thief. God gifts us with the ability to communicate and we abuse it to hurt people instead of lifting them up. The list of us taking and bending Gods gifts for our benefit is limitless. We take what God intended for good and use it in a harmful way, just like the homeless man at Wendy’s.

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