God Isn’t Wasteful

There are some who feel as if they are striving to do the will of God but still feel:  Stuck, small, out of place, under the radar, insignificant, under appreciated, unlikely, awkward, or uncertain.

God didn’t forget you, what you are doing matters to Him. A lot.

There are so many that feel they don’t measure up and what they are doing with their life doesn’t measure up. The more people I get to know the more I meet that feel this way.

Stay at home moms who clean the house and find it in total disarray just a few hours later.

Nursery workers who feel that their service to the church will never make the highlight real.

School teachers who feel as if they are finally making a break through with an at risk youth only to find that they are being uprooted to live with another dysfunctional family.

Bankers, realtors, doctors, business owners, and lawyers who make money and support their family, but just can’t seem to do anything purposeful for eternity.

To who ever you are or whatever your situation may be, I want to offer you encouragement today. God sees what you do, He watches you as you perform it, and He will complete the good work he started in you.

Nothing is accidental and we do not serve a God of waste.

Thought somebody might need that today.  I know I do sometimes.

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