Give Birth To It

We recently embarked on what could be viewed as one of the most outrageous endeavors we have ever been a part of. Launching a second campus by the ninth month of our first campus being opened. The gravity of what is happening is not lost me. We have given birth as a nine month old baby. That means, we conceived at the day of our birth, carried for nine months, and delivered a campus in Hot Springs Arkansas just last week.

On the first day we saw 121 people come into Echo Church’s fellowship. A few things you would have seen are: Children workers in place, greeters in the parking lot, donuts, coffee, worship teem prepared and prayed up, ushers seating people and pulling out more chairs, lighting and sound installed and people to run it. It was a day that has been permanently imprinted in my mind. When I step back and look at what happened, I see the finger prints of God all over it.

It’s impossible for a nine month old baby to give birth to another baby. It’s just as impossible for a nine month old church to give birth to another campus. But God is not limited by what we believe is impossible. Luke 1:37 says: “For nothing is impossible with God.”  This scripture took on another meaning for me when I got to see Him do the impossible with Echo Hot Springs.

We serve a mighty God. He destroys barriers, crushes hardships, demolishes difficulties, shatters doubts, and overcomes the impossible. He is GOOD! We are living in and for a God given vision to echo Christ’s love to our world.  “So the whole world may hear”.  Even Hot Springs Arkansas.

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