Four Questions Wives Should Ask Their Husbands

Yesterday I shared a post, “Six Questions Husband Should Ask Their Wives.” Within three hours that post had over 2000 views. Now I’m not positive if it was men viewing it but if so, well done men… well done. With that said, ladies here are a few questions you should be asking your husband.

1 – Do You Feel Admired BY ME?

Ladies, it IS important that your husband knows that he looks good!!! They will say that it isn’t important but one compliment will have them sucking it in and flexing it out to make you shiver more. It matters!  Don’t allow someone he works with to tell him, “that looks good on you,” or, “you look good in that shirt.”  He’s YOUR husband… so make sure you do all things possible to make sure HE feels admired by YOU.

There isn’t a man that doesn’t want to occasionally here “I think you are hot” or “I think you are sexy.” from the lady he most admires and desires!  So don’t take for granted that it is abundantly important that he hear it from you.

Ask him, “Do you feel admired by me?”  It DOES matter to him!

2 – Do You Think I Respect You?

R. E. S. P. E. C. T., find out what it means to me is not just a song for the ladies! I’m quit sure this is one of the top things on a mans list. Every man desperately wants to be respected BY HIS WIFE. (Ladies—Please don’t start saying things like, “Well when he deserves to be respected then I will respect him.” Stop the stand off. Fulfill your roll. What’s it to you what he does. Contrary to what you believe you can’t fix him. You can only fix yourself.

Prepare yourself, you husband may answer no to this question if:

  1. If you are always telling your kids what a looser his is and you wish they had a better father. (Crazy enough this actually happens… A LOT.) Thank you sitcoms.
  2. If you are always having PRIVATE 🙂 conversations (Not so private if you are talking to other people) with all your girlfriends about how much of a low-life he is and how much he drives you crazy.
  3. If you have shared his valuable thoughts and emotions as a conversation piece with your co-workers and friends.
  4. If you haven’t taught your children to respect him.
  5. If you haven’t taken interest in what he does… yes even his job.

#3 – Do You Feel That I Do A Good Job Caring For You?

Women, you have been making lists all day to go over with your husband as soon as you see him. Yes, your husband can handle your list. It is a matter of timing. You are not caring for him when you don’t allow him some decompression time when he walks through the door. Don’t position him to want to turn around and go back to work.

This does not negate the fact he needs to show up and serve, but give him a break when he hits the door and let him catch his breath.  Trust me…this is HUGE!

Men, if both you and your wife work this does not give you an excuse to not help with normal duties your wife has to fulfill when she walks through the door after her work day. Lend a helping hand.

4 – Do You Think Our Sex Life Is Fulfilling?

Yep. That’s right. You are reading it here. SEX. If we can’t talk about this in the confines of marriage, then where? Interesting enough, so many woman hate that their men want a HEALTHY sex life. Ladies, be thankful that you are desired, that you are the object of his affection, that he wants to share with you the most intimate connection created for mankind. Not to mention, if this question bothers you…you probably already know the answer! Funny how so many women have read the book, “50 Shades Of Grey” but are unwilling to talk about sex with their husband. Just sayin’.

In every study I have read, sex is ranked number one in importance to men. Second is breathing. Why? It’s important that their wives want them sexually. Ladies, just asking the question will be a huge win for you. The only way this area of your marriage will ever improve is if you begin conversations about it. Come on ladies… YOU’RE MARRIED!

Uncomfortable conversations help marriages reach their full potential.

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