Fools Won’t, And Dead Men Can’t

“Have your sandals on and your walking stick in your hand.” Exodus 12:11 NCV

The Boy Scout motto is “Be prepared.” I love this motto. It insinuates that there may be a waiting period. But waiting doesn’t excuse you from preparation.

In Exodus, God told the Israelites, “Eat…fully dressed as if you were going on a trip…have your sandals on and your walking stick in your hand.” So in other words, “Be ready when I tell you to move!”

Is there an area in your life where God is telling you that it’s time to move, but fear is causing you to shrink back? Don’t become paralyzed. Don’t shrink back! Change is just evidence of growth. What worked for you yesterday CAN be tomorrow’s recipe for failure. You can’t be who you are destined to be, if you insist on staying as you are.

John Patterson said, “Only fools and dead men don’t change…Fools won’t, and dead men can’t.” Wow! This kicked me in my teeth. I like to believe I’m someone that is liquid enough to handle change but in all reality I have more rigid areas in my life that I would like to admit.

Listen to me. Change isn’t the enemy. When you are a lifelong learner who looks for ways to grow and improve, change becomes your friend. Learn from the people you meet. Pursue new ideas, systems, and ways to push yourself out of the safe place you’ve grown accustom to.

Jim Penner says: “Our bodies change no matter how hard we exercise…Our homes change as our needs ebb and flow. Our places of employment change as the winds of economic forces blow and new opportunities come…friendships change as family needs and employment pull us away…While many changes become enjoyable new seasons…sometimes they’re painful. But no matter what season of change you’re experiencing…you can find comfort in Malachi 3:6, ‘I am God…I haven’t changed’ (TM). His mercies endure forever…and it’s an awesome feeling knowing He loves and directs you just like He directed all His people who came before you.”