Focusing On Me

There is something freeing I have come to grasp as a leader. I believe time away in Orlando helped me get a better and clearer picture of a concept I have yet to embrace. As a leader, I have much less control than I would like to believe.

Whatever type of leader you are.  Whether you are a pastor, teacher, parent, or some other leader, don’t be guilty of living under the illusion that you have more control that you actually do.

It seems like lately things have been happening everyday to remind me that the only one I can actually control is me. I might be able to offer guidance, be able to pray, offer support to our staff, or in some situations correction but ultimately, the only thing I can absolutely control is me.

If you happen to be a control freak. Good luck wrapping your mind around this concept. But if you can embrace the reality of this thought you will find it to be a bit freeing.  It might even take some of the pressure off.

Think about it.  If all you can really control is you. It frees your mind from dwelling on everyone else’s motivations and intentions. And we all know what path such thoughts can take us down.

We need to focus on us. I don’t know about you but I’m a full time job by myself.

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