First Things First

There is nothing quite as innovative as God’s supernatural revelation.  To receive it, we must prioritize Him in our life.

Much more can be accomplished in a second of prayer, worship, and listening to the voice of God than a year worth of strategy meetings.

For so many leaders. There has become very little room for divine encounters in which true vision is birthed.  Some of the most important ideas in the short history of Echo can be traced back to a specific moment in the presence of God. Not in long meetings where we consult our flesh for the way.

I know God gave us a brain.  I believe we should use it. I just feel that seeking the wisdom of the Lord should always be our first course of action.

Just think about what Moses would have missed if he never turned aside to look at the burning bush?

If the disciples in the book of Acts had neglected prayer and the Word, how would it have affected the influence of the Gospel worldwide?

What do you think might be left undiscovered in you, if you don’t first make time with God a priority?