Finish Out Of Breath

Life can be categorized into three different classifications. High points, low points, and everything in between.

Most people find themselves viewing difficult times in their lives as low points. Maybe you are struggling with depression. Maybe you can’t find a job or you are struggling financially. Maybe you feel like your failing as a husband, wife, or parent. Maybe you have been neglecting your walk with God and you feel you hardly know Him any longer.

These times are hard. Very hard. When you’re in them, you wonder if you’ll ever make it through. You say to yourself “If it’s coming, it can’t come quickly enough”. But there is a deeper truth that I want to share: High points can be just as challenging as low ones.

All the times you experiencing success and blessing, can be just as challenging as the times where nothing is going your way. Different, yes, but with every blessing and success comes greater responsibility.

Here’s the truth we try to ignore and many fail to understand: IT”S ALL HARD. The low points, the high points, and everything in between. When your at your lowest your trying to survive and when you at your highest your trying to maintain what you’ve been entrusted. Neither is a walk in the park.

I know this post doesn’t seem very encouraging. So why share it?

Because it’s real. Because it confronts an insane idea that I have failed to embrace for years. The idea is this: Life is not going to get to the point where it’s easy. If that’s what we desire the most, we might just be waiting forever and life will become a disappointment. Don’t be caught waiting for something that may never come.

Could it be that life isn’t about getting to a place where we can breathe easy?

My cross country coach would stand at the finish line and stop each runner as they finished the race. He would check our pulse and listen to our breathing. If we did not finish out of breath, he knew we did not run the race to the best of our ability. Could it be that life is like a race? Should we run in such a way that we finish out of breath? I believe the answer is YES!

It’s hard but our reward in heaven makes it all worth it. How about we rest then. Lets push on now.

Besides, God is doing more in you and through you and to the world around you than you can possibly imagine. That alone should fill you with joy and peace. No matter where you are or what you’re facing.

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