Fake It, The Feelings Will Come

Whenever something is the right thing to do, do it immediately. Whether you feel like it or not. Even if your motives are not completely correct. When your feelings and God’s instructions are not in line with one another, you’ve got to fake it.  The Feelings will come.

When you’re feeling envious of someone, don’t wait until you feel like celebrating their success. Encourage them even while you are in the deepest part of your jealousy. Pray for God’s increase for them until the time you really mean the words you’re praying. It might even speed up the process.

Why wait until you are feeling love for your wife, before trying to improve your marriage. Why not act out your love for her until the actions begins to affect your attitude. Loving your wife as Christ loved the church means we have to initiate it. Not just feel it.

Faith is not created from a feeling. Faith is formed out of obedience.

When it comes to us doing the right thing, we can’t afford to wait for a feeling.
Have you held back your love, your praise, your forgiveness, your kindness, all in the name of I’m just not feeling it. Well, fake it.  The feelings will come.

Faking it, is a life demonstrating faith. Because faith doesn’t follow feelings.

Too many people have allowed their feelings to force them into a holding pattern. Have faith, that if you fake it God will help you feel it.

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