Expectation Minus The Flesh

A friend called me up the other other day.  In our conversation he said this, “expect the worst and hope for the best.” I understand what he was meaning. I know it means we should be prepared if all of our plans fail.

But even though, what a negative way to approach life.

I believe those who use this phrase misunderstand what expectation means. Expectation can be faith. It is believing that what you hope for will happen. It’s not a back up plan in case it doesn’t.

How is it that someone can hope for the best if they spend all their time planning for the worse.

How can you hope to get a job if you spend all your time expecting to get rejected.
How can you expect to be a world changer if you spend all your time expecting you would fail.
How can you hope that your marriage will stay together if your spending all your time expecting it to end in divorce.

This is not about positive thinking. This is about expectation.  But more specifically expectation springing from faith.

The reason expectations can be dangerous is because so many of our expectations are built on wishes and earthly desires. Sometimes we build our expectations on what God has done for other people or what God has done in the past.  We need build our expectations on the promises of God.

So stop living life expecting the worst and start living life expecting the best. Just make sure your expectation springs from faith.

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