Exchanging Magic For Miracles

There are two things that generally happen when we look at miracles in the Bible.

1) Most miracles happened because a person took initiative, not because it was God’s idea. A few examples of what I’m referring to can be found seen in these encounters:

The lady who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment.
Or Namaan, who went to Elisha to receive healing from leprosy.
Or the centurion who went to Jesus to receive healing for his servant.

2) Many of the miracles in the Bible happened after the persons took action. A few examples of what this looked like can be seen in these following encounters.

The Israelites had to walk through the Red Sea after God parted it.
Or when the blind man washing himself at the pool of Siloam.
Or when Joshua and his warriors marched around the wall of Jericho before it fell.

When it comes to miracles.  God wants you to be involved. But christians don’t want miracles, they want magic. We are wanting God to wave his magic stick and remove our problem and give us what we want.

“Please send money out of the sky.”
When we should cut up our credit cards.

“Heal my physical ailments.”
When we should change our eating habits or start exercising.

“Use me to do miraculous things.”
When we should get out of the bed and give God a platform off which He can work.

I know the line I walk in sharing my thoughts on this subject. I’m aware that it’s not all about us. Of course miracles involve His unmistakable power and provision. Otherwise they wouldn’t be miracles. But they also involve our own initiative and participation. If they didn’t it wouldn’t be a miracle at all, it would just be magic.

Maybe I could say it this way:
Without God, you can’t.
Without you, God won’t.

Have I completely blown your mind today. God has blown mine. Sit back and re-examine His Word this morning. Take a look at His miracle working power. Exchange magic for miracles and get involved.