Excellence Over Mediocrity

The thing that makes you different from everyone else is the thing that makes you powerful. Embrace what makes you unique because that is the method by which you should build your life.

I didn’t marry Brook because she was just like the other girls. I married her because she was beautifully unique in every way. She was quite honestly an aberration.

The fact remains: those who discover what they’re uniquely gifted to do and build their lives around it are rewarded.

Those who insist on being similar to the point of blending into the background are ignored.

It’s too bad that our educational systems (and more specifically, our Bible colleges and seminaries) are typically focused on mass producing mediocrity rather than Infusing leaders to exude excellence. Imagine the impact it would have if they encouraged students to embrace their uniqueness.

If you ever put your finger on what makes you different, maybe even a little bit strange, you’ve just discovered the reason you were born. And you’re well on your way to greatness.

Be great for God today.

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