Excavated Truth

Stephen King says that stories are not created. They are found. He literally compares them to fossils in the ground. He claims that his job as a writer is not to create a story from scratch. It’s about excavating a story that’s already there.

Seems strange considering he is a fiction writer.  However, I believe this translates to the sermon preparation process.  I know, I know, Steven Kings memoirs may not be the best way to formulate an effective approach for biblical study.  I just believe that He makes a valid point.

I constantly hear preachers talking about how they writing sermons.  I can honestly say Iv’e never written a sermon. At least in the way that most refer to it.

To me, sermon preparation is more like an archeological dig. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to find Scriptures to back up a message that I want to deliver. I strive to uncover a Word from God from the Word of God.

The message is there already, I don’t create a thing. The Word already contains power. My job is to excavate it. God has given me tools. I’m responsible to remove the truth carefully and keep it intact so that the Spirit of God can make it come alive in the hearts of everyone who hears.

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