Entitlement Snare

Be careful to not get caught in the entitlement snare. It’s a danger for all of us.

Whenever God moves in a mighty way, or you have experienced His blessings for long periods of time, you can begin to feel it’s something you’re entitled to. When in all reality, everything you have is extended to you because of the grace of God.

Yes, everything.
Don’t think you are entitled to a spouse. You are blessed with one.
Don’t think you are entitled to have a job. You are provided one.
Don’t think you are entitled to healing, forgiveness, or salvation. You are given them.

Don’t destroy your story by seeing the benefits and blessings of God as things you’re entitled to. Because entitlement dilutes thankfulness and appreciation.

I believe it is why God repeatedly tells His people to count their blessings throughout the Bible. It wasn’t because He needed to hear how good He was. It was because they needed to be reminded of how good He was.

We need to be reminded too. No one deserves anything they have. No one is entitled to anything. But that’s what makes God’s benefits and blessings so extraordinary.

So I will leave you with this thought… God’s Grace gives opportunity for gratitude.