Dream Big Dreams

I’ve decided to surround myself with people who allow me to dream big dreams. That’s why, as soon as I met Lewis and Stacey Lux, I knew I would launch a church with them one day. I’ve sat in staff meetings where the leader casts a vision and shares a dream that seems impossible to accomplish.  I’ve also seen the staff sit their and roll their eyes. They begin sharing all the reasons why this dream could never come to fruition or point out how this is going to add a lot to there already full plate. (Just thought I would add that a full plate is not necessarily a bad thing?)

Well, I’ve worked with teenagers for 12 years as a youth pastor and I’ve seen all the eye rolling I can stand. Echo Church is full of people who sit in a room and are ignited by a God size vision and dream.  We don’t need wet wood in this furnace.

Thank God for the people who work closely with us here at Echo Church.  They are warriors who implement 1 Samuel 14:7: “Do all that you have in mind. Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.”

This verse seems to encapsulate the heart of our staff and leaders at Echo.

I don’t want to neglect offering praise to my wife. She not only releases me to dream big dreams by she gives me permission to. She is the number one cheerleader of this God given dream He has given the Gray’s and the Lux’s and all those that call themselves Echoers.

A lot of wives can so quickly and unintentionally become dream crushers. Thank God for Brook.

Thank God for the people around me who are allowed to speak freely when they see me stepping off course, veering off our mission, or just plain being an idiot. It’s important to have people you can trust enough to speak freely into your life.

Check this verse out. Dream a big dream and surround yourself with people who are willing to dream big dreams with you.

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