Don’t Dessert Your Desert

Matthew 4:1 New Life Version (NLV) 
1 Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit to a desert. There He was tempted by the devil.

Two things to note here:

1. Even though we are believers we do not get to escape desert experiences. They are necessary for the stripping away of the flesh to prepare us for our purpose. We will each face our desert moment and it is BECAUSE God loves us that we do.

2. Satan comes to tempt us at the end of our desert experience not at the beginning. He comes when we reach the end of ourselves. Only then do we wield the power of God at the magnitude that becomes a threat to him.

Let me encourage you in this today. If you are in a desert season… God is preparing you for your purpose. If Satan has shown up with multiple on-slots of temptation you are close to your breakthrough. Don’t give up before you’ve broken through. God has not forgotten you. He is for you. He is with you.