Don’t Hit Snooze

Did you know that wrapped up inside your DNA is a potential waiting to be released upon the world. Did you know that to release that potential all that is required of you is to put yourself in the presence of God through the week. Don’t live life in the ordinary when God has designed you to be extraordinary.

Each morning the alarm goes off. You role out of bed and step out to face another day. You wonder what this day will hold for you. Another day of punching the clock, dealing with co-workers, fulfilling duties as a parent, husband, wife, son, or daughter. Will this just be another day you have to mark off of the calendar hanging on the fridge or will you dare to dig in and discover the incredible potential lying within you.

We don’t have to live our life in a daze. We don’t have to settle. Each of us were created by God for a particular reason. He has called you to live a life of excitement, danger, and adventure. The world desperately needs you to live up to your greatness. The alarm has sounded, God is calling you. Rise up out of the ordinary and be extraordinary for Him.

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