Don’t Be Quick To Quit

If you have ever ventured out into the woods you have probably ran into a woodpecker. They have this amazing ability to stay and work one tree over. You don’t see them jumping from tree to tree. Why? Persistence pays off.

They are looking for bugs (Dinner). And they know that they are in every tree. They stay on one tree instead of flying from tree to tree for a reason. It boils down to a simple mathematic equation… They have a 1/1 chance, in a whole tree of pecking, to hit a bug. The good news is… Every time they stay and try again the higher their percentage of finding a bug.

Let’s say for instance that a tree has only one bug. Then lets say that each tree can only be pecked 1,000 times. That means a woodpeckers chance of finding a bug is 1/1000. Every time that woodpecker flies to a new tree he starts back at a 1/1000th chance of finding lunch. So staying at the same tree increases percentages. The longer the woodpecker stays the higher his percentages.

I read the other day that woodpeckers can peck 20 times a second. Let’s assume for the sake of this blog that it takes 20 pecks to make a hole.

Ok time for some math. That means if a woodpecker stays at a tree for one minute that it’s odds of finding a bug are 60/1000 or 6/100. If a woodpecker stays at a tree 10 minutes he will have a  60% chance of hitting something.

DISCLAIMER: I’m sure it takes more than 20 pecks to make a hole.

Now for the analogy. What if hopping from job to job, relationship to relationship, marriage to marriage, and church to church is lowering the chance of finding satisfaction in your life.

LESSON: Persistence is profitable.

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