Whenever you have been privileged for a certain amount of time you can quickly start feeling you are entitled. You might believe you have what you have because it’s your right.

If I’m being honest,  everything you have is by the grace of God. Everything.

You’re not entitled to be married to your spouse. you’re blessed with one.
You’re not entitled to be a pastor. You have the privilege of serving as one.
You’re not entitled to healing, forgiveness, or salvation. You’re given these things.

Don’t destroy your walk with God by viewing His blessings as things you’re entitled to. Just know that an attitude of entitlement negates any attempt at thankfulness or appreciation.

I believe this is why God continually encouraged people to recall and reflect on all the good things He did for them. It’s not because He is an arrogant elitist who needs His ego stroked. It was because people constantly needed to be reminded just how good they had it, and just how much they didn’t deserve it.

We need to be reminded too. We don’t deserve anything we have. We are entitled to nothing. This is why the things that God does do, are so extraordinary. God’s grace deserves our gratitude.