Customer Service

The modern church is obsessed with customer service. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad approach. I just believe we need to bring some clarification to who the customer is.

Yes, yes, yes. Our churches should have parking attendants, greeters, and top notch programming… I think these things are great. What the church does, should compete with Disney, Nordstrom, or a top AMC theater. I applaud these things and believe they help set the stage for what some would call a modern worship service.

But the question is why? Who is it we are so obsessed with serving? Is it the Christian who has known Christ for decades and comes to be served up a new assortment on the buffet we call church?

Absolutely NOT.  They should be showing up to serve not coming to be served.

If we don’t do what we do for Christians then maybe it’s for those who don’t know Christ.

NO. That’s not it either.  I mean, everything we do at Echo is so that some might hear about the life changing power of the resurrected Christ. They are a large integral part of our mission, but non believers are not our customers.

The customer I’m talking about is much more important than that.

Our customer service must be our best because it is all for Jesus Christ Himself.

God is our customer.

We serve Him, through Him, for Him.

This is why we bring our best.

Psalm 48:1 says:
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.

We serve an awesome God, so we should serve Him in an awesome way. We should strive to make His glory the aim of everything we do.

If we can do that. Those who call themselves Christians will be strengthened, and those who are far from God will be drawn to Him.