Covering Your Family

This post is specifically for leaders. Not just pastors but for moms, dads, coaches, teachers, and big brothers – if you lead anyone or anything, I’m talking to you.

My wife has had a little cough lately. Nothing serious at all. But of course, it’s waking her up a lot at night, her throat has been hurting, and now she’s not talking as much because her voice is a little scratchy.

The other night she woke me up with one of her coughing fits. So I began praying about it. And I didn’t pray one of those typical: “Jesus, help her feel better” prayers. I got little Pentecostal about it. I prayed with confidence and commanded the sickness to leave her body in Jesus’ name. I thanked God that night for his healing, and rejoiced for all the ways He has blessed our family over the years.

Listen, I’m not sure where you line up on how to pray for the sick theologically. But I do know this: while I was praying the other night for my wife, I realized how important it is that I take my job as the covering of my house very seriously. I know that the concept of a spiritual covering is a complicated, often abused, and somewhat obscure concept for many theological traditions. I’m pretty sure I don’t fully understand all of the implications myself. However, I do know this: If God has made you a leader, He has empowered you to be the spiritual covering for all of those you lead. Are you? Are you covering them with integrity? Prayer? A Godly example? Words of blessing, not curse? Words of affirmation and Wisdom?

It’s humbling when you realize that God has placed you as the protective cover over someone else. So make sure you do it without forgetting that each of us has an individual accountability before God as well. We must also be careful to not pervert this idea and serve our own purposes by manipulating others.

Remember today that you are someone’s spiritual covering.
Make sure you’ve got them covered well.