Cheapening The Gospel

The Bible has several instances where Jesus lays down a hard core challenge.  As a result, people stopped following Him. People felt that Jesus had over-challenged them. They felt that the cost was just too great. So, they decided to walk away and stop following Christ.

As a pastor, I see people walk away from Christ for the opposite reason. The challenge we give just isn’t great enough.

I feel that the greatest peril in Christianity today is that we are under challenging this generation with an alternate version of the Gospel that quite honestly isn’t worth living for.

I don’t believe people are walking away because it’s “too hard”.  I believe we bore them with “it’s too cheap”, so it must not be worth much?

We lull people to sleep by under challenging them in their walk with God.  As leaders in the church we have to stop cheapening what is most assuredly the richest thing on earth – our relationship with Christ.

We must stop cheapening, under challenging and under inspiring a generation of people who desperately need Him.

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