Picked up the kids no more than thirty minutes ago. Every once and a while I’ll take them to the gas station down the road to grab a drink and a snack. Today we grabbed a hand full of teeth rotting items, payed the clerk, and head to the car. As we left the station my oldest son looked at me and said, “That place is buzzing with people.”

Funny he noticed. Made me reflect on what is happening at Echo Church. Sunday mornings are buzzing with people. The question that comes to mind is, how did it get to this place, and how do we get it to stay there?

I fervently believe that there is one main thing we have and should continue to focus on if we want to continue generating a buzz in our church. We must be biblical.

What? That’s it? Every one knows that a church should be biblical! But the reality is there are many who do not. There are a lot of churches who are trying to manufacture experiences, create clever sermon series, being the first to implement the latest technology in order to stir interest in their people. So many churches focus so much on what they do, that some of them have lost sight of the fact that God brings “buzz”.

I am not saying it’s necessary to throw out branding, marketing, or communication tools, but if the bible is not the foundation of it all, whats the point? We live at a time where people need to hear, believe, and follow strong biblical teaching. The Truth is that the Word changes lives! Don’t miss the power of that.

The buzz you are seeing at Echo Church is happening because God is generating that buzz. It’s not the lights, it’s not the leadership, it’s not the music, it’s not the kids room, its not zumba, it’s not the preaching style, it’s not the building, it’s not the coffee, it’s not even the muffins. It’s the fact that we have decided to stay biblical in our approach. Everything we do is for the purpose of enhancing God’s Truth. Because of Echo Church’s faithfulness to this idea, GOD is generating a BUZZ! And when God moves peoples lives are changed!

So be in prayer that in all we do, we stay the course. So that “the world may hear!”

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