Building Our Future

I remember being on a Pastors retreat and sitting at a table with about 8 pastors. The conversation centered around what you might think. Ministry. They were sharing victories, concerns, problems, and situations in their churches. I asked them: “If you were not on staff at your church, would you attend?” In other words, if they were just someone in the community working a different job and they didn’t have to be there, would they really want to be a part of their church? Would the programs stir them? Would the culture entice them? Would the vision inspire them?

To my surprise only two of them raised their hands. Only two pastors wanted to be a part of the church and the culture that they themselves where trying to build. If it’s not good enough for them, why not make a change. If they would’t want to worship there, isn’t it time to raise the standard.

There is an old illustration about a contractor who had been building houses for a friend of his. The friend came to the contractor and gave him one last house to build. He informed him of all the plans and told him to only use the best material. No exceptions, no skimping. The contractor thought that since it was his last house, he would cut some corners and cover it up to save money. After the house was built, the contractor was shocked when the friend tossed him the keys to the house and told him it was his reward for all of his hard work.

We are all building something. We are building our reputation. We are building our legacy. We are building our character. Parents are building families and marriages. Business men and woman are building corporations. Pastors are striving to build churches.

Whatever it is you are building, make sure that it’s something you would actually want to live in yourself. Because one day you’re going to have to.

The reputation you’re building is the same reputation you will have to live with. The family you are building is the same family you have to come home to every day. The organization you’re building, whether it’s a business or a church, is the organization you’re going to have to lead.

So lets build something we will be pleased to live in.

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