Blessed Inconveniences

I love to hear a baby cry. I think its one of the greatest sounds on planet earth. Then Brook and I had Ashton.

At first we loved to hear him cry. We even thought it was cute. However, as time went on we began to see it as a curse.  Have you ever been there? Have you ever thought something was cute one moment only to discover it was curse the next?

I remember waking up in the middle of the night when Ashton was just a baby. I remember one night in particular when I started to complain a little to myself. Then God interrupted me with a question:

You prayed for Ashton. He is a miracle baby.  He should have never made it, and now you’re complaining about a blessing that you prayed for me to bring into your life?

You know what I learned from that experience. Sometimes God’s blessings can become  curses. What you prayed for or thanked God for, becomes something you complain about. From my experience, this normally happens as soon as the blessing becomes an inconvenience. In my case, it was sleep. 🙂

Could it be that the same has happened to you. When did your greatest blessing become a curse?

Was it when you asked God to grow your church? Then you started complaining about the lack of space.
Was it when you got married? Then you realized that the person you married wasn’t all you hoped they would be.
Was it when you got a significant raise? Then you realized there were significant taxes that would come out as well.

If you have struggled with this maybe it would be a good idea to take a step back and gain a fresh perspective. Because lets be honest, God isn’t interested in continuing to bless people who convert His blessings into curses.

Many times your curses are just simple problems other people would consider themselves blessed to have.

People would die to have church growing pains.
People would die to get married.
People would die to have a job, much less get a raise.

Learn to live with your blessings, inconveniences and all.