Attracted To Vision

When we started Echo Church, people were not attracted to our success, because we didn’t have any. It was impossible to attract other staff members by offering them great salaries and benefits, because there were none. We didn’t attract musicians because of our sound system and gear, because we didn’t have that either.

I would liken it to when I first began dating Brook.

She wasn’t attracted to me for my money? (I was a poor college student who wanted to go into the ministry.)
She wasn’t attracted to me because because I wore nice clothes and dressed to the nine’s? (I had very little clothes and my dressing barely made the 4’s)

No, she was attracted because of a vision. The vision of what our life would be like together. A vision of me as a husband, father, or the man of God I would become. It was a vision of how I would love and care for her.

Because our relationship was built on a vision, I have confidence in her commitment. She won’t be out the door if money gets tight. She’s not in it to be the pastor’s wife of a cool church. She was in it when I was speaking to small groups of teens in towns like Manville. She was on the front row taking notes then, just like she is now. And because of that, I know she’s in the front row of my life to stay.

Now that Echo Church has experienced a small measure of “success”, it’s comforting to know that most of our staff members were staff members before they were even getting paid. Most people that we call staff around here were attracted to the vision long before they even saw the first signs of success. That means, if we go through a rough patch at some point, they won’t quit the team or stop playing the game totally. They’re not in it because we are the coolest church in town, or because we pay well. They’re in it because God gripped their hearts for our mission and He won’t let go. They won’t easily be lured away by bigger and better offers. They’d do this for free if they could. (I mean it!)

(By the way guys this is just a hypothetical.)

I might be crazy but I believe the same applies to the overwhelming majority of our volunteers, small group leaders, experience teams, hospitality teams and worship leaders.

“Lord. Help me lead in such a way that people will continue to be attracted to our vision instead of our success.”

Success is a moving target.
Vision is fixed forever.