Are You In A Holding Pattern?

Acts 16:6

“Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia.”

It says in this verse that the Holy Spirit prevented Paul from preaching the Word.

This doesn’t seen to make sense. It seems counter intuitive. The Holy Spirit is the one who inspired the Word. He is the one who is giving them the power to preach the Word. But now at this point of the journey, He is the one keeping them from preaching the Word?

I wrestled a bit with this one until I noticed a small phrase tacked on the end of this verse.   “In the province of Asia.” Paul wanted to go to Asia to preach the Word. It was a lifelong dream of his. And just a few chapters later, he would. But not now. Instead the Holy Spirit kept him from bringing the word and led him to different cities so he might preach there first. As you would expect the response was amazing.

Every once and a while God prevents us from reaching a goal when the timing does not coincide with His will. It’s not that what we are desiring to do is not what God wants for us. It’s just that our timing might be off a bit.

He’s not saying never. He’s just saying not right now.

Maybe it’s because we’re not ready.
Maybe it’s because the place He wants to deliver to us is not ready.

Whatever the reason, it’s not yet time.

Always remember: What sometimes seems like good timing is not always God’s timing.

If you feel like your dreams and goals are in somewhat of a stalling pattern, don’t just assume you’ve made a mistake.  Remember Paul went to Asia and just like him, you’ll eventually get to your goal or dream as well.

While your in a holding pattern, do as Paul did.  Continue to share God’s word were He has you know.

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