I looked up the definition of the word appreciation today in the dictionary. This is what it said: “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.”

Two immediate questions came to me as I mulled the word over in my mind. The first question was this:
1. Have you ever felt under-appreciated?
I believe everyone has felt this at some time or another. We feel as if the attributes we don’t want to shine through seem to be the only ones noticed by those in our circle. So I’ll try to answer that question with another. Why do we need to be appreciated? Anything praiseworthy or of good repute should be done for the purpose of serving others not ourselves.

2. Why is that person appreciated more than me?
Can I just throw out a thought here? Could it be that people don’t appreciate you less? You just notice when they don’t appreciate you more. It could be that the only time you notice your brother or sister is when they are being appreciated. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t hit your radar when they are not.

Remember this: All the works of our hands worth appreciating, are works that can only be birthed out of a walk with Him.

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