Anticipating The Greatness Of God

My mind is running this morning as we anticipate what God is doing with and for Echo Church. This verse was just what I needed to hear.

With the launch of our 2nd Campus in Hot Springs Arkansas, our staff has 2 options regarding how to handle all that has been transpiring in the few months of our existence:

1. We can stress out and barely survive all the responsibilities that are piling up around us.

2. We can remember that God was with us last time we stood in front of the Red Sea, and He can do it again.

The same God who sent plagues on the Egyptians so that Pharaoh would release the Israelites with all their riches, will overwhelm us with blessings and deliver us from trouble again. The same God who promises we will see it through to the completion, will deliver on His word. The victory is already won.

We can choose to enjoy the intensity of our moment. We can choose to enjoy the moments were we think, “how the heck will we pull this off”.

We are crossing over into a promised land given to us by God. Every giant will fall under the weight of Gods will for His church.

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