“After” Creators

John 2:22
After he was raised from the dead, his disciples recalled what he had said.  Then they believed the Scripture and the words that Jesus had spoken.

Jesus offended and confused the religious people by claiming that He would destroy the temple and build  it again in three days. The people didn’t understand the deeper meaning. His disciples didn’t even comprehend what it was He was saying.

Then after His resurrection they believed

Sometimes we do not, can not, will not truly know what God  is doing until after.

After the painful trial subsides, after the dust settles from a devastating loss, after trusting God in what seems to be an illogical leap of faith.

It is after these things when we appreciate the maturity we acquired while going through the hurt, when we perceive that God took it all from us so He could give something of greater value, when we become clearly certain that He had the route mapped out before the journey ever began.

It is easier to believe in the resurrected Jesus than the crucified Lord.

It’s easier to see God in the after math of our obedience than in the presence of our struggle.

After He moves, it becomes clearer.  After He delivers on His word it brings it home.

We could learn something valuable from this scripture.

Some Christ followers Echo Christ to the world with their words and never follow it up with their lives.  This creates a great disparity in the heart of the lives we speak into.

What if God just spoke but never delivered.  Just spoke, but never loved.  Just spoke, but never touched.  Just spoke, but never gave His life.  He followed up his words with action and peoples lives He spoke into believed… Not because he spoke but because he DID!  Lets get busy creating an after for the lives of those we have impacted, so they might also believe in the one who sent us.

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