Aerial Assault

How many of us are running into this week with at least one major problem?

Well, what should we do about it?

Most everyone would say the best thing to do is to face your problem. Don’t run from it. This approach sounds good. But can I suggest there might just be another way.

We should be led by the spirit. We should first stop and elevate ourselves above the problem before we even try to deal with it at all. Whatever it is we might be dealing with. We need to gain a perspective, shaped by the promises & presence of Christ. It is only then that we are ready to deal with the issue at hand.

If you don’t go to God first. If you face your issues head on with your own strength. You run the risk of your doubts and worries looming so large above you that you become crushed by it’s weight. This is no way to live at all.

Listen, if you stand toe to toe with your issue, addiction, deficit, fear, or temptation, you run the risk of being intimidated by your problem, and paralyzed by your fear. So go to God first, let Him help you rise above the problem. Stop wrestling with your issue by trying to solve it with self-centered thinking and faithless strategy.

In Revelation, during much persecution and uncertainty, Jesus gave John a command:
“Come up here…” Revelation 4:1

Jesus knows something about our situation: If we get up where Jesus is, it will be easier to see what He sees. And it sure is easier to know what He knows when we are able to see what He sees.

So pull up a seat in the heavenly places with Christ by focusing on Him, surrendering to Him, and trusting in Him.

Get up above the hand to hand combat. Instead, take it to the Lord in prayer. Let Him elevate you to the heavenly places, so that you might launch an aerial assault on the devil that will blow him into oblivion.