Accountability On Steroids

Christians push for accountability. They believe we should hold each other to Biblical standards. Most often, “accountability partners” ask each other questions like:

Did you read your bible this week?
Did you Loose your temper with your Wife?
Did you look at pornography?
Were you patient with your children?
So much of the conversation revolves around making sure we’re doing all the things that make us “good Christians”.

I have been in Montana this week and have been speaking at Cliff Purcell’s church. He is the lead pastor who has a pationate relationship with God. He introduced me to his accountability partner. Something came up in the conversation that struck a cord with me. He mentioned: “There must be a higher level of accountability for God’s people.”

What if accountability was more about making one another great than trying to help make each other good?

Most people would agree with the idea, that if you see blatant sin in another Christian, it is our responsibility to challenge it or confront it. Not in a spirit of judgement but in a spirit of love.

So what about when we see blatant potential that is being untapped in another Christian’s life? When we see un-developed greatness in someone we love, isn’t this just as important to confront and challenge?

Could we approach someone in our life who is living below their potential, someone who is living in fear, who is paralyzed by insecurities, busyness, apathy, or laziness, and remind them just how much they have to offer the world? Could we even get in their face and remind them that God has freed them from that bondage and they carry the power of all creation in them? Could we speak to them about their unlimited potential in Christ?

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