5 Things You Should Know When You Feel Abandoned

Mark 14:50 New King James Version (NKJV)
50 Then they all forsook Him and fled.

Have you ever been abandoned by someone you love? You’re not alone and it certainly won’t be the last time it happens. Jesus who knew no sin, and was love, had those closest to Him forsake Him as well. There are 5 things you should know when you feel abandoned.

1. Doubt is a big motivation in people forsaking you. The disciples did not stop loving Jesus. They doubted what He said was actually true. Be careful to not allow the doubt other people feel towards you to turn into self-doubt. Jesus never doubted His purpose just because those who were closest to Him abandoned Him.

2. Most often when people flee they are not fleeing from you. The word flee is only used 12 times in the New Testament. There are only a few reasons that the Bible gives us permission to flee. Here are the things it says we should flee from: sin, temptation, evil. So let’s take the disciples into consideration here. Did they flee because Jesus was sinful, led them into temptation, or was evil? Of course not.

The reality is… just like the disciples, many of us flee for the wrongs reasons as well. Some of us flee when times get tough, or from conflict, or when we are angry, or when things don’t go our way, or when we pick up the offense of others. The Bible actually says to stand in the midst of these things. The word stand is used 56 times in the New Testament. There are almost five times more reasons to stand than to flee.

3. God’s promises are the only ones you can take to the bank. Peter told Jesus, “Even if ALL fall away on account of you, I never will.” People will promise you the world. They will say they are with you, they have your back, they will never leave, but Mark 14:50 says ALL forsook Him. Even Peter. We must understand that the only word we can take to the bank is God’s word. Psalm 18:30 says, “As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless;”

4. Fear is the greatest reason for people fleeing. Mark 14:50 starts out with the word THEN. This leads us to consider what happened in previous verses that caused them to flee. If we look back, we learn that soldiers came “with a great multitude with swords and clubs.” They became afraid. Fear causes you to do things you swore you never would. It says, “Then they all forsook Him and fled.”

Fear is infectious. We must be careful to not let another man or woman’s fear to become our own. Because what was one person fleeing can quickly turn into ALL have fled.

5. Those that flee for the wrong reasons might one day return. Be careful to not alienate those who have alienated themselves. The disciples fled, but they also returned and shaped the movement of Christ into what it is today. Always remain a safe place for people. Even those who flee from you for the wrong reason. One day they may return to be your greatest ally in the face of your greatest opposition.